Cameraman | Editor

Hello, my name is Steffen de Back and I am freelance cameraman and editor.
I am currently living in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

In the past couple of years, I developed myself in the postproduction stage of filmmaking. Although I like to be behind the camera, the editing suite is where I have the most fun. To create a film out of raw material with editing, sound, visual effects and grading is challenging and exciting at the same time. For me, it’s sometimes challenging to stay creative when editing, but every project is different, so with new material come new ideas.
I’ve been editing since I was 11 years old, when I got my first editing software. I then finally could cut the boring parts!
But then, after much trial-and-error, I discovered it was more than just cutting the bad stuff. As an editor you can control the pace, continuity and most importantly: the emotion. That’s when I started to learn about the psychology of film(editing) and how it influences the viewer. I experimented with personal projects and found out how different editing techniques could trigger different reactions from the viewer. Editing is also finding the balance between cutting from what you know and your gut. Do you cut because it’s a rule, or because it feels right. When it works…it works.
All that comes with editing makes it a exciting, challenging, diverse and mostly a fun job to do.

I’m available as Freelancer!





Commercials, trailers, compilations, showreels, weddings, musicvideos, short films, corporate


Cameraman | Drone Operator

Commercials, weddings, registrations, musicvideos, lipdub, scenery


Color Grading

Color correcting & grading



Sound editing, sound mixing, sound effects



Visual effects, keying, titles, 3D tracking



Commercials, narrator

You can hire me to edit at the office or at my home studio!

I currently work in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop, on a Mac computer. 8

Check the 2017 showreel below.

You can hire me to film with my own or hired equipment!

I’m currently working with the Sony MXR2000E,  Sony RX100IV and the Phantom 4 Pro.
To support those camera’s, I’ve got a normal tripod and a Glidecam HD4000 for the extra smooth shots.

Check the video below to see some drone footage.

You can hire me to do voice-overs!

I have professional recording equipment with the necessary tools to make it sound as good as possible.

I also have experience with sound mixing & editing, so the voice-over can be processed before it is send to you.

My equipment is a Nuemann TLM 102 studio microphone with a shock mount and popfilter.

Check the video below to see a example (in Dutch)


Let’s work together!

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